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Towards a just disaster response?

Humanitarian Data Justice

Data-driven approaches play an ever-growing role in disaster management. As a result, social injustices in a disaster context are also increasingly bound up with data. This article discusses the value of a data justice lens for analysing how structural inequalities in risk and resilience shape - and are shaped - disaster data. 


A critical perspective on disaster data

Looking at disasters through a data justice lens allows us to understand how data initiatives and social justice are connected. This lens shows how structural inequalities in risk and resilience shape - and are shaped by - disaster management data. This lens can be applied to existing and historical disaster management initiatives - but also before such projects are rolled out to provide designers and managers with actionable insights. Social inequalities (including digital and virtual inequalities) pose major disaster data justice challenges - even for grassroots  initiatives that rely on participatory approaches. A data justice lens can inform critical and strategic counter measures to achieve greater data justice in disaster settings.

Please cite as follows:

Mulder, F. (2020). Humanitarian data justice: A structural data justice lens on civic technologies in post‐earthquake Nepal. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 28(4), 432-445.

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